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Sino-Germany Training Program of Gynecological Oncology started in SCH
Time:2017/11/29 10:59:35
Edit:Mi Gan


This month, the Sino-Germany Training program of gynecological oncology Started in SCH, which is also one of the programs of "Tianfu Senior Talents" supported by Health and Family Planning Commission of Sichuan.


Prof. Teichmann, expert of gynecological oncology in Germany, visited SCH and communicated with doctors in SCH as the invitation of gynecological oncology department. Prof. Teichmann is the director of gynecological oncology center of Aschaffenburg, which is an experienced expert on gynecological oncology. By his visiting, the relationship between SCH and European gynecological center would be enhanced; also the technology and service of SCH will be improved.


Prof. Teichmann gave a presentation about gynecological oncology surgery and department building during his visiting, and he will give advice to treatment and MDT discussion.

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