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The First Tianfu International Oncology Forum hold in Chengdu
Time:2017/12/5 10:05:40
Edit:Mi Gan


Last weekend, The First Tianfu International Oncology Forum was hold in Chengdu, which hosted by Sichuan Medical Association (SMA), Western Radiotherapy Association, Oncology Committee of SMA and Sichuan Anti-cancer Association. Mr. Guangmin Li, on behalf of the SMA, attended the open ceremony. More than 1000 oncology experts all over the country and experts from MD Anderson, Rush University, and Medical center of Monmouth county, New Jersey took part in this academic event.



Dr.Weidong Wang hosted the openning ceremony


Mr.Guangmin Li made an opening speech


Dr.Jinyi Lang gave a speech

The key topic of the forum is multidisciplinary treatment for individual. New technology and new concept of treatment now led the change of oncology treatment, such as precision medicine, evidence-based medicine, and translational medicine. AI, cloud platform, and big data is widely used in oncology diagnosis and treatment. The forum aimed to share advanced technology and new experience on cancer prevention and treatment, and make better service for patients.

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