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The ultrasound medical center of our hospital exhibited its elegant demeanor at the 18th academic conference on ultrasound medicine of the Chinese medical association
Time:2018/10/25 11:05:03

August 30.2018-September 2.2018, the 18th Chinese National academic conference of ultrasound medicine, Chinese medical association was grandly held in Harbin city, Heilongjiang Province. This academic conference is one of the largest conventions in ultrasound medecine in China. This convention covered the latest progresses in basic and clinical research of ultrasound medicine at home and abroad, and set up several sessions including echocardiography, abdominal ultrasound, obstetrics and gynecology ultrasound, ultrasound of blood vessels and superficial organ, interventional ultrasound and the outstanding and excellent youth forum, young and middle-aged English forum.


The ultrasound medical center of our hospital contributed 12 abstracts to the conference, and obtained 1 special oral presentation, 2 oral presentations and 4 posters. On the conference, Professor Lu Man made a special presentation on the application of E-imaging combined with contrast-enhanced ultrasound in liver tumors and the application value of multimodality ultrasound in the diagnosis and differentiation diagnosis of oral tumors. Cheng xueqing made an English oral presentation about dual-modal magnetic resonance and photoacoustic tracking of tendon stem cell in a rat rotator cuff injury model.

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