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The first phase of the "Tianfu Gynecologic Tumor" single-hole laparoscopy technical training class and the national county hospital talent training program gynecological laparoscopy training base continuing education training project was successfully completed
Time:2018/10/25 14:58:10

(英)我院第一期“天府妇瘤”单孔腹腔镜技术培训班暨 全国县级医院人才培养计划妇科腹腔镜培训基地继续教育培训项目圆满完成(改后)279.png

Our hospital successfully held “the First Phase of the Tianfu Gynecologic Tumor Single-Hole Laparoscopy Technology Training Course and the National County Hospital Talent Training Program Gynecological Laparoscopy Training Base Continuing Education Training Project" on September 25, 2018. This is also the first public single-hole laparoscopy technical training project for gynaecologists in Sichuan province. During the training, many wonderful surgical demonstrations were performed. Prof. Zhang Guonan, director of Gynecologic Oncology Center of our hospital, and Doctor Shi Yu, director of the ward, performed six transumbilical and V-NOTES operations, and Doctor Song Shuiqin, director of the ward, gave a live broadcast commentary. With the support of the hospital leadership, the medical department, the equipment department, the operating room, and the anesthesia center, the single-hole surgery training was a complete success.




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