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The 12th National Cancer Hospital Neurosurgery Development Symposium was Successfully Held in SCH and SCH is Officially Awarded as “The Sichuan Provincial Neuro-oncology Consultation Center”
Time:2018/10/25 15:13:42

September 22nd 2018, the 12th National Cancer Hospital Neurosurgery Development Symposium was successfully held in Sichuan Cancer Hospital(SCH). This symposium is hosted by the CSNO and co-hosted by our hospital. Department chiefs and head nurses of the neurosurgery departments from 21 provincial cancer hospitals of China have participated in this symposium. The neurosurgery department advisory professor Dr.Liao Wenman and department director Dr.Zhang Hong of our hospital have joined this symposium on the scene.


Professor YOU Chao, the former chairman of the CSNO and Professor PIAO Haozhe, the coming chairman have both confirmed the significance of the symposium this year to the overall development of the neurosurgery departments in cancer hospitals of China.

Dr. WU Yuping, the director of the neurosurgery department of our hospital introduced the progress in neuro-oncology MDT practice of the Neuro-oncology branch of Sichuan Provincial Anti-cancer Association. The participating experts gave warmly praise to the successes we have achieved here at SCH. Our hospital is also awarded as the CSNO authorized “Sichuan Provincial Neuro-oncology Consultation Center”.

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