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Introduction of the Department of Ultrasonic medicine
Ultrasound medical center in Sichuan Cancer Hospital has a long and glorious history in disease diagnosis. Our team is made up of 12 doctors, including 2 chief physicians, 3 attending physicians and 7 residents, one of them are doctorate and 8 of them have Master degree; We also have 5 technicians, and 4 nurses. All of the staff are not only well educated, but also energetic and experienced . Our department is equipped with 13 color Doppler ultrasound and a variety of great probes, which can conduct different kinds of examinations, such as abdomen, superficial small organ, gynaecology, vascular and cardiac. On the one hand, we have emergency diagnosis, bedside examination for someone who cannot go to the department and intraoperative ultrasound; on the other hand, we also carry out some new techniques, for example, CEUS, interventional ultrasound, gastrointestinal..

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