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Introduction of the Department of Medical Oncology

March 17, 2020  []

1.In Generation

Department of Medical Oncology in Sichuan Cancer Hospital was established in 1987. It provides professional services for about 100 million of the population in the Southwest of China, and for 6800 outpatients and 5000 inpatients every year. Department of Medical Oncology now has 99 staff, 216 beds, and 4 divisions which are major in chest tumor, abdominal tumor, blood lymphoma, and comprehensive special tumor respectively. Furthermore, day chemotherapy department, technology of Ministry of education and training, and clinical translational research center are also included in the department.

2. Clinical work

We are contributed to the prevention, diagnosis (screening and early diagnosis) and treatment of cancer, and to providing physical and psychological care for patients. In close cooperation with other departments, we, according to the patient's condition, design a variety of treatment options, such as chemotherapy, immunotherapy, target therapy, endocrine therapy, thermotherapy and photodynamic treatment.

(1) Blood lymphoma division:

As the only one major in lymphoma in the Southwest of China, blood lymphoma division undertakes the diagnosis, treatment and clinical research of lymphoma, and provides service for 1200 inpatients annually. Two groups are included in this division:

One group focuses on the diffuse large B cell lymphoma. This type of lymphoma is characterized with high incidence (51% of all lymphoma), high malignancy, and rapid progression. This group is committed to the reconstruction of the immune system function after chemotherapy, in order to delay the recurrence.

Another group is major in clinical treatment and study of T cell lymphoma.

(2) Abdominal tumor division:

The division is contributed to the diagnosis and individualized treatment of digestive tract cancer (stomach cancer, colorectal cancer, liver and gallbladder pancreatic cancer), genitourinary system tumors (ovarian cancer, cervical cancer, renal carcinoma, et al) and malignant tumor of soft tissue. Colorectal cancer is the major malignancies in the digestive system. In order to improve the therapeutic effect, as well as reduce the toxic side effects and the cost of treatment, the sensitive and targeted therapy drugs would be selected for patients, according to their pathological and genetic characteristics. Therefore, two main research fields are included in this division. One is major in gene detection and selection of targeted therapy drugs. Detection of RAS and BRAF gene full set would be beneficial for selection of chemotherapy and targeted therapy; While MLH/MSI/dMMR gene detection maybe applied to guide the chemotherapeutic drugs selection, to judge the prognosis and Lynch syndrome screening. We made the best efforts to provide the best solution for patients through standardized and individualized treatment plan. Another is committed to the standard medical treatment of colorectal cancer. Compliance with the guidelines for the treatment of colorectal cancer in China, the NCCN clinical practice guidelines, and the ESMO consensus guidelines.

(3) Chest tumor division

This division is devoted to the integrated therapy and individual treatment of lung cancer, breast cancer and esophageal cancer under the guidance of molecular and tumor marker detection. Currently the division has two targets in clinic:

One is molecular targeted therapy for lung cancer. The EGFR gene, ALK, ROS1 would be tested routinely to testify the genotype for the individual therapy.

Another is the standardized management of cancer pain. This division was the first "standardized treatment of cancer pain demonstration ward" according to Ministry of Health in 2012. It is also the only "model unit" in Sichuan province. This division also helps a number of hospitals to standardize pain management for cancer patients.

(4) Day-chemotherapy division

This division is planned to set up 200 day-chemotherapy beds, and provides the chemotherapy, biological therapy, hyperthermia and photodynamic therapy for outpatient, in order to simplify the medical treatment process and reduce the cost.

(5)Comprehensivespecial cancer division

The responsibility of this division is counseling, screening, prevention, treatment and health care for cancer patients with high-quality, efficient, fast and personalized service, in order to meet their special requirements. A medical team in the division consists of specialists and senior nurses. All staff, adhering to the spirit of "humanitarian, consecratory ", would provide ultra first-class service for the people.

3. Scientific research papers

More than 10 funds are going on in the medical oncology department, including a National Natural Science Foundation of China. More than 100 papers were published in recent 5 years, of which 22 were Science-cited papers.

4. Personnel training

New staff would receive basic technical training, after their resident standardized training. At the end of this training, they should Master the medical skills and know the characteristics of oncology diseases, and could handle them. After that, they would be promoted to attending doctors, then select their majority and go to a well-known hospital for further study. One who was promoted to a senior profession, or developed rapidly, would be recommended to a well-known foreign hospital for study.

During this period, young physicians would be encouraged to apply for their Master and doctor degrees.

5. Discipline construction

There are 99 staff in the department, including 6 chief physicians and 14 associate chief physicians, 15 attendings. 7 and 12 have their doctor and Master degrees respectively.

Department of Medical Oncology was awarded the "pain standardized treatment demonstration ward" by the Ministry of Health in 2012, and "the key disciplines" by the Provincial Planning Commission of Sichuan in 2013.

6. Education

The team of Ministry of Technical Training and Education is consisting of senior doctors to provide the education for undergraduates, postgraduates, young doctors and specialist in both academic and clinical practice.

Sichuan Cancer Hospital is an affiliated hospital of Medical College of University of Electronic Science and Technology of China. It is also a teaching hospital of Chengdu Medical College and Southwest Medical University. Furthermore, it provides a place for interns in Guangxi Medical University and North Sichuan Medical College. Therefore, Department of Medical Oncology has 6 professors, 7 associate professors as part-time teachers in Chengdu Medical College, Guangxi Medical University and Southwest University of Medical Sciences.

Department of Medical Oncology also accepts 30 doctors and 50 nurses every year in Sichuan province for professional training. Some of them have become experts in this field.

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