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Introduction of the Department of Dermatology

March 17, 2020  []

In order to improve medical quality, improve patient satisfaction, our hospital set up the dermatology specialist. As outpatient clinical departments, dermatologist should not only treat outpatients for skin disease and venereal .but also need to treat drug eruption, radioactive dermatitis, hard skin disease of inpatients. And we have accumulated rich experience in the work.

When it comes to skin disease diagnosis and treatment,we adhere to the specification, reasonable, convenient and efficient comprehensive diagnosis and treatment . And we combine medical treatment, physical therapy, traditional Chinese medicine, and also skin surgery. The comprehensive treatment strategy advantage is: can help patients to quickly select the most optimal treatments, save time, foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses. With the method of combining traditional Chinese and western medicine, raise the clinical curative effect of certain diseases, at the same time greatly reduce drug side effects. For some disease which cannot be cured by medical drugs. We can ally laser therapy, skin surgical , and local injections, overcome the limitations of pure drug therapy.

characteristic diagnosis and treatment projects:

1.Fine skin surgical operation: the pigment nevus, lipoma and capacitive skin, sebaceous glands cyst loss, drug is invalid. My application no skin fine surgical resection lesions, reoccupy beauty suture repair. Remove skin at the same time, maximize the pursuit of beauty effect.

2.The cheloid treatment: clinical treatment of keloids are intractable. Surgery and laser treatment have a extremely high recurrence rate. As a tumor specialized hospital, we have multiple discipline superiority and high end radiotherapy equipment. That gave us a opportunity to solve the problem. For patients not suitable for surgery, them can be treated with topical injection technology: the drug infiltration into tumors, prompting them to soften, flatten and improve appearance. For other patients cannot be treated by injection, we can cut the lesion of, and use subtract suture and postoperative radiotherapy after surgical removal of the method, reduce the recurrence rate, received a satisfactory curative effect.

3.Skin cancer diagnosis and treatment:Our department has a long history for skin cancer diagnosis and treatment .Uunder the multi-disciplinary advantages of tumor specialized subject hospital, through identification, skin biopsies of the dermatology and referral for radical surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, etc. Further will also carry out electronic skin lens, optical power and other new technology and equipment, will greatly improve the efficiency of diagnosis and treatment.

4.Hemangioma treatment: our hospital pediatric treatment of vascular tumors has more than 20 years of history, has a rich experience, and the curative effect is remarkable. The former will be combined with dermatologist in aim to treat vascular tumors of adults - children. Mainly USES the ultrasonic guided tumors had antitumor drug injection ablation.

The dermatologist doctor Fu, Master of dermatologic surgery, who has successively obtains combine traditional Chinese and western medicine clinical, clinical dual certification, through long-term clinic practice, accumulated a wealth of experience.

Our department medical maxim: "Study medical knowledge to enrich ourselves without tired. Feel the pain of patient by our heart. Establish empathy and noble medical ethics. Do our best to save people from suffering.

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