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Introduction of the Department of Thoracic Medical Oncology

March 17, 2020  []

The department of thoracic medical oncology is a special component of medical oncology in the Cancer Hospital of Sichuan, mainly specialize in the comprehensive and personalized therapy for the thoracic cancer, such as lung cancer, esophagus cancer, breast cancer, thymoma, and mesothelioma of pleura. For the experience of past 20 years and the endeavor of discipline construction, our department has become a professional, cordial and dynamic medical team, and is one of the most powerful and advantage prominent teams of the thoracic cancer comprehensive treatment in southwest China. Moreover, our department has been rated as key discipline of Sichuan Province. Faculties in this team, among which are mainly 2 doctors of oncology, 3 Masters of oncology, 1 Master tutor and 8 members have senior technical titles, are familiar with the most front line in oncology. We mainly specialize in the personalized therapy which included chemotherapy, clinical gene detection, targeted therapy, anti-angiogenesis therapy, biological therapy, pain management and so on. And these therapy methods are markedly effective in lung cancer, esophagus cancer and malignant pleural effusion.

Our Characteristics

(1)The patient service quantity of our department reach 1500/ year, mainly contain lung cancer, esophagus cancer, breast cancer;

(2)Ratio of inpatients' satisfaction was greater than 95%;

(3)There are 2 doctors of medicine, 3 Masters of medicine, 4 chief physicians, 4 associate chief physician, 1 attending physician;

(4)We provide personalized diagnosis and therapy for different patients in different conditions, our disease treatment technology is internationally compatible;

(5)Our department is proceeding the provincial basic and translational research, and a lot of articles have been already published on Cancer Letter、PLOS ONE、OMICS、Current Oncology、Oncology Letter etc.

Professional Dominance

Personalized chemotherapy for the thoracic cancer

Thoracic cancers mainly include lung cancer, breast cancer, esophageal cancer, etc. Chemotherapy is commonly used in neoadjuvant chemotherapy, postoperative chemotherapy, first-line treatment of advanced cancer, palliative care. When patients seek treatment in our department, they will get the following services:

1. If patients are seeking anti-tumor treatment for the first time, we can make sure that they admitted to the our ward within 1-3 working days;

2. During hospitalization, they will feel personalized professional services. They also can gain cancer patients psychological counsel (CPC), cancer patients pain test (CPT), cancer patients nutrition guidance (CNG), and cancer patients infection control (CIC). Our team will sufficiently communicate with patients or their family about the treatment and its expected curative effects and adverse reactions.

3. The medical team of thoracic cancer department can provide standard and personalized therapy for different patients from different aspects, which including the chemotherapy, cancer pain, nutrition, psychology and the targeted therapy. Moreover, our hospital has a professional multidisciplinary team serve the cancer patients to guarantee your medical safety and quality.

Targeted therapy for the lung cancer

Precision medicine is now the frontier and direction of medical science development, and targeted therapy based on the genetic testing is the research focus of the theoretical and clinical research. According to the clinical guideline home and abroad, we routine detect the EGFR, ALK, ROS1 gene mutation in the NSCLC, and chose appropriate targeted therapy for different patients.

Pain management for malignant tumor

Our department is the only standardized treatment of cancer pain ward approved by Ministry of Health of China, and the cancer patients’ pain management is one of our daily clinical activities. We attach great importance to the pain management not only because it can take cancer patients a more comfortable life, but the pain management means a lower incidence of doctor-patient contradiction. By now, we are promoting the pain management development by proceeding academic communications with other province and city.

Outpatient arrangement:

WenxiuYao, MD. chief physicians,Head of Department,

Consulting time: AM, Monday and Tuesday

Xin Zhao, chief physicians, consulting time: AM, Wednesday and Friday

Lingyuan Zeng, chief physicians, consulting time: AM, Wednesday and Thursday

Gengli Wang, chief physicians, consulting time: AM, Thursday

Liyang Wang, Associate Professor of Oncology, consulting time: PM, Thursday

Yang Wei, Associate Professor of Oncology, consulting time: PM, Tuesday

Contact number: 028-85420847

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