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Introduction of the Department of ICU

March 17, 2020  []

The Intensive Care Unit of Sichuan Cancer Hospital was built in 2001, the first comprehensive intensive care unit established in specialty hospital in Sichuan province. ICU’s academic leader and director Dr. Guanze Xiong and the Chief Nurse Ms. Mingfang Xiang have been leading and promoting the development of the unit for the past 15 years, fostering the unit to grow from a new unit into a comprehensive one. The inter-professional team of ICU is comprised of young but professional medical staff with very high qualification and great enthusiasm, including physicians, nurses, pharmacists, dietitians, social workers and so on. In total, the unit has 71 standing staff, of which 2 with a professional title of professor equivalent, 7 with a professional title of associate professor equivalent, 16 with a Master’s degree or above, 1 academic leader for Sichuan Health and Family Planning Commission, 3 Standing Committee member and member of Sichuan Society of Intensive Care Medicine. 1 Deputy Director of Youth Committee at Sichuan Society of Intensive Care Medicine. Association and 2 Deputy director of Sichuan Nursing Association. Moreover, many of the staff have successfully applied for the international education programs provided by Sichuan Ministry of Health, 3 of them have completed the training in North America and Europe.

After 10 years of development, ICU currently has 23 beds, and will expand to 45 bed after moving to the new surgical building. It has 4 single rooms, 5 double-bed rooms, 2 triple-bed rooms, 1 room with five beds, 1 with six beds and 2 with seven beds respectively. It has also set up different types of isolation areas according to the fact that the main disease treated in the hospital is oncology. The protective isolation ward has 4 single rooms, while the infectious isolation ward has single rooms and rooms with 8negative pressure beds.The yearly visit is about 3,200 to 3,700. The ICU has implemented a very strict standardized management and performed inter-professional rounds, and has achieved great results for quality control indicators, with a success rate of rescue is 90% and a bed occupancy rate of over 80%.

In order to provide better life support to the patients, ICU is equipped with many high-end facilities and equipment, the investment of which is over twenty million. Now, we provide non-invasive and invasive mechanical ventilation, real-time bedside ultrasound exam, bedside bronchofibroscope diagnosis and treatment, nutritional-metabolic care and support, bedside Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy (CRRT), non-invasive and invasive Hemodynamic Monitoring and other techniques. The medical team in the ICU is responsible for the rescue and treatment of all kinds of critical patients, post-operative monitoring of high risk cancer patients, providing rescue and organ supportive therapy for patients with post-operative complications and treatment of patients with bone marrow depression after radiotherapy, patient with immunosuppression, or multiple organ failure, or radiation pneumonitis, patients with renal failure after chemotherapy, and patients with all kinds of critical infection. We are now in the national leading position in the field of perioperative management of complex critical care for critical cancer patient, sepsis, acute lung injury, respiratory support, nutrition support, advanced life support after cardio-pulmonary resuscitation.

In addition to the high-quality clinical service, our ICU has now become a clinical, education and research center, providing clinical training for the undergraduates, Master’s and doctoral students majored in clinical oncology from Guangxi Medical University, Southwest Medical University, North Sichuan Medical college and Chengdu Medical college, and standardized Oncology Residency training program authorized by Sichuan Provincial Commission of Health and Family Planning. We have widely launched various leading national clinical and basic research projects, participated in projects funded by National Natural Science Foundation and provincial Commission of Health and Family planning. In recent years, we have published over 10 SCI cited articles, our specialty’s academic influence has increased greatly.

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