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Introduction of the Department of Clinical laboratory

March 17, 2020  []

The Clinical laboratory is one of the most important departments of hospital, playing an important role in diagnosis, disease surveillance and prognosis. The laboratory staff members have developed from the original 10 to the current 28, including 3 senior professional and technical experts, 6 associate senior professional and technical experts, 5 employees with a Master degree and 12 employees with a bachelor's degree. At present, advanced testing equipments and comprehensive methods instead of manual testing, the laboratory have became modernization and carried out hundreds test items.

The clinical laboratory was established in the mid-80s of 20th century, including clinical and biochemical laboratory, clinical hematology laboratory, clinical microbiology laboratory, clinical immunology laboratory, clinical molecular biological laboratory. It owns automatic clinical chemistry analyzer, automated hematology analyzer, urinary sediment analyzer, etc, and provides timely, accurate and reliable test results for clinical. With the development of medical science and technology, it will gradually introduce more valuable test item for clinical.

Currently, the laboratory has established a total quality management system (TQM) with high-quality professional technical team and advanced work modes. By connecting medical laboratory instrument with LIS system and HIS system, the laboratory have achieved digital management of the specimen information and test results; also undertakes most of the clinical testing, about 200 inspection items. In the past 2 years, more than 30 inspection items were developed to meet the clinical requirements. Each year, the laboratory participates in the EQA activities which are organized by NCCL and SPCCL, obtaining excellent results. And internal quality control (IQC) coverage rate approaches 100 percent. The laboratory strictly follows the quality standards, providing timely, accurate and reliable test results for clinical.

In nearly five years, based on our excellent technical team and advanced equipment, we did an outstanding work on completing the clinical work. In the meanwhile, we also actively carry out clinical research. We have undertaken 2 provincial scientific research projects, published more than 20 papers and 30 submissions to domestic conferences by now. Multiple employees participated in Conference speeches and poster communications with highly recognition of domestic counterparts. The laboratory have served as provincial and municipal committee member of the Chinese society of Laboratory Medicine, provincial committee member of the Chinese medical doctor Association and microbial professional committee member of China.

Clinical Laboratory continues to strengthen communication with clinical departments, while work together and hard to explore new diagnostic mode of laboratory medicine. We have actively trained 4 laboratory physicians, who playes an important role in exploring new ideas in interdisciplinary development and carrying out new clinical research and new testing technologies. We will be adhering to the "accurate, timely reporting, enthusiastic service", continuing to improve, to provide better serves to patients and to contribute to society.

To meet the needs of patients, we promised one day turnaround time of liver function renal function, blood lipids, blood glucose, to get the inspection report with bar code.

We will be adhering to keeping pace with the times for greater prosperity on the way of medical science.

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