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Introduction of the Department of Anesthesiology Medical Center

March 17, 2020  []

Sichuan Cancer Hospital Anesthesiology Medical Center was founded in 1984, after 30 years of development and construction, it has become one of the well respected medical center with professional training teams for clinical anesthesia, surgery, research and teaching. In our center, we have 29 clinical anesthesiologists, 1 basic researcher, 17 anesthetist nurses and 48 operating room nurses. Including 2 people with a doctorate degree, 18 people with Master’s degree, 2 directors and 8 associate directors. Anesthesiology Medical Center has many elite doctors, including Anesthesiology Association in Sichuan Province branch vice chairman, Association of Sichuan Anticancer Tumor Anesthesia Industry Preparatory Team leader, Sichuan Provincial Health Department Academic and Technological leaders, Chinese Association of Integrative Medicine and Pain Management director, special committees member of China Society of Acupuncture Analgesia, Sichuan Acupuncture Society Executive director, Adjunct Professor of Medicine in Chengdu Medical School, " Cancer prevention and treatment" magazine editorial board, the Standing committee of Sichuan Medical Association Society of Anesthesiology, Standing committee of Sichuan Pain Society Medical Association and Standing Committee of Sichuan Chinese Medical Association Society of Anesthesiologists.

Anesthesiology Medical Center includes department of anesthesiology, hospitalization, integrated anesthesia, hospital operating rooms and translational medicine research. As affiliated hospital of the University of Electronic Technology, the center has set up a professional teaching faculty of the Department of Anesthesiology. The new housing complex officially opened in August 15, 2016, equipped with 19 laminar flow operating rooms and is equipped with advanced level equipment, such as: Olympus endoscopic system, Johnson ultrasonic knife, Willie electric knife, nerve navigator, outside the brain microscopy, energy platform, CUSA super-absorbent knives. In addition, the center is equipped with 29 Anesthesia machines, including 23 imported anesthesia machines, 33 sets of monitors, and other equipment such as emission monitors, neuromuscular monitors, diagnostic ultrasound, depth of anesthesia monitor, bronchoscopy, blood gas analyzer as well as several kinds of visual intubation equipment.

Currently, the center operates more than 15,000 clinical case of narcotic anesthesia, more than 8,000 inpatient surgery each years. The center is also a site for clinical anesthesiology technology development, such as anesthesia thoracic vascular replacement surgery, thoracoscopic esophageal high-pressure pneumothorax under anesthesia, a variety of difficult airway anesthesia processes. These technologies are in par with international and domestic cutting edge research. Anesthesia center has chaired or participated in national supported research 4 times, awarded Sichuan province and Chengdu science and technology progress award 3 times, provincial medical science and technology award once. Anesthesia disciplines of traditional medicine acupuncture anesthesia is special research focus in the center and a number of relevant research results has been published in professional journals in the recent years. Clinical sedative effect of acupuncture has been published in Acupuncture in Medicine and other notable journals. 9 SCI papers were published in the past three years with the highest impact factor of 15. While establishing a national standardized training base for anesthesia, anesthetic pharmacology and clinical research, a Canadian external expert is hired to help carry out basic and translation research. Anesthesia Medical Center has received the "earthquake relief advanced collective award" and "Sichuan Provincial Youth Civilization" honorary title.

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