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Introduction of the Department of Cancer Emergency

March 17, 2020  []

Cancer Emergency and General Department in Sichuan Cancer Hospital is a comprehensive diagnosis and treatment service center of cancer related emergency treatment, outpatient treatment, wound stoma specialist and general ward, which covers an area of about 1600m2 . Cancer Emergency and General Department has a full range of advanced equipments for emergency treatment and professional clinical nursing. 37 beds are set for daily therapy, in which 4 beds are used for rescue. The foundation of the department is a well-trained medical team full of experience, unity and innovation, which is made up of 7 doctors (1 associate chief physician, 2 visiting staffs and 4 resident doctors) and 20 nurses (4 supervisor nurses, 10 senior nurses, and 7 specializing in intravenous therapy, oncology, and wound healing).

Medical Services

On the 1st Floor

Cancer Emergency and General Ward—to make a convenient, integrative service channel for the patients who need quickly being carried from pre-hospital first aid, in-hospital rescue to emergency surgery or intensive care. The category of diagnosis and treatment in this section is Acute Critical Illness of Cancer Patients (such as gastrointestinal hemorrhage, malignant hydrothorax and ascites, pericardial effusion, intracranial hypertension, acute intestinal obstruction, superior vena cava syndrome, severe respiratory infection, bone marrow suppression after chemoradiotherapy, etc. ) , Comorbidities of Cancer Patient (For example, cancer patients also suffer from Hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, postoperative and post-chemoradiotherapy infections, etc.) and the Diagnosis and Treatment of Serious Chemoradiotherapy Related Adverse Reactions.

Wound Stoma Clinic—to provide professional healing for a variety of chronic and refractory wounds, such as tumor wound, radioactive skin damage, chronic infectious wounds, ulcers, diabetic foot as well as comorbidities of kinds of wounds and stoma fistula.

On the 2nd Floor

Outpatient operation—to carry out all kinds of outpatient surgery in the category of hospital rules. There are 6 operation rooms holding about 3000 outpatient operations per year, such as resection of superficial skin soft tissue mass on head and neck, face, body and limbs and MAMMOTOME (minimally invasive surgery guided by breast ultrasound, which is among leading level).

Strengths and characteristics

First of all, our medical team can treat kinds of emergency and severe cases adroitly, skillfully in due course. The amount of inpatients of the General Ward is up to about 1300 per year. So we accumulate a wealth of clinical experiences in oncologic emergencies.

Secondly, our department director, the sponsor and deputy head of consultation group for the prevention and treatment of venous thromboembolism (VTE) in the hospital, is in charge of developing VTE manual of Sichuan Cancer Hospital, hospital lecture tour and consultations of diagnosis and therapy of cancer related VTE in the hospital, who has rich experience and unique insights in the field. Our department takes the lead in comprehensive manner of risk screening and preventive treatment of cancer related VTE. More than a hundred patients of cancer related VTE are well treated with satisfactory curative effect.

Thirdly, the Wound Stoma Clinic has a multidisciplinary specialist team, which is composed of surgeons, the wound stoma specialist nurses and physicians. One full-time wound therapist is responsible for nursing, healing and health management consulting of a kind of chronic and refractory wound, stoma, skin and mucous membrane injury. The clinic owns general medical care technology in addition to other latest ones. We mainly use the wound moist therapy, combined with negative pressure treatment technology, seam free pulling technology and so on. It is reasonable applications of all kinds of new functional dressings for treat wound infection and effusion that accelerate wound healing, shorten the treatment cycle, reduce the pain of patients and provide more humanistic professional services. We can provide service for all types of wound stoma management, skin problems caused by gatism and wound effusion, thoracic and abdominal wound dehiscence, the management of peripheral drainage tube leakage, etc.

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