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Introduction of the Department of Abdominal medical oncology

March 17, 2020  []

Department of abdominal medical oncology was founded in the late 1980s. As a key disciplines Sichuan province, she shoulders the responsibility in clinic, scientific research and teaching. In clinic, she is devoted to diagnosis, chemotherapy, molecular targeted therapy, biological immunotherapy and thermo chemotherapy of abdominal tumor. After over two decades of dedications, the department is one of the most influential medical units in western China until now.

1. Overview of the department:

(1) Basic settings: the Department has 48 open beds, and 1500 patients are admitted annually. She also has some chemotherapeutic drug infusion pumps, and transport monitors for the chemotherapy drugs infusion.

(2) Personnel structure: the Department is composed of professors and several doctors with high degree. The physician team includes 2 chief physicians, 3 associate chief physicians, 1 attending physicians and 1 resident doctor. Among them, 2 have their doctor degrees, 1 has Master degree. A young excellent nursing team including 16 people are devoted to the safe and successful completion of chemotherapy via central venous catheter, and providing humane care, cancer pain management, psychological counseling and rehabilitation programs.

(3) Diagnosis and treatment projects: We dedicated to the treatment of diseases including gastrointestinal tumors (such as gastric cancer, colon cancer, liver cancer, pancreatic cancer, biliary tumor), urinary and reproductive system tumors (such as kidney, bladder cancer, ureteral carcinoma, prostate cancer, testicular cancer), gynecologic tumors (such as ovarian cancer, uterine cervix cancer, uterine endometrial carcinoma, germ cell tumors) and soft tissue malignancies. Therapeutic methods involve chemotherapy, molecular targeted therapy, biological immunotherapy, hyperthermia, photodynamic therapy, etc..

2. Discipline development process:

In the late 80s of last century, many famous oncology specialists from across the country came to establish the Department of abdominal medical oncology. They engaged in committing the clinical work, scientific research and teaching. After their devotion, it was them who was the first to carry out autologous stem cell transplantation in the treatment of malignant lymphoma in our hospital. They also dedicated to treatment of other disease, including lung cancer, gastric cancer, colorectal cancer, ovarian cancer, lymphoma. During the clinical practice, they accumulated rich clinical experience.

After over two decades dedications, cancer physicians went steadily forward step-by-step via practicing carefully and summarizing the clinical experience. They published a large number of medical papers, and edited several monographs in oncology. To promote the standardized treatment of discipline development and tumor, they set up professional committee of Sichuan Province anticancer association of chemical therapy in the early 1990s.

In the past 5 years, colleagues in the Department apply various therapeutic methods to treat abdominal tumor, including the traditional chemical treatment, biological targeted therapy and immunotherapy.

3. Professional characteristics

The purpose of Department is to achieve individual treatment based on standardized treatment , and to provide the best treatment options for patients.

(1) Individual treatment based on genetic test:

According to the patient's genetic characteristics, we carry out individualized and precision treatment for patients under guidelines, including Chinese colorectal cancer treatment norms, NCCN clinical practice guidelines, ESMO consensus guidelines. We detect Ras and BRAF gene for colorectal cancer patients with metastasis, and apply chemotherapy and / or targeted treatment for them according to the results. We also detect MLH/MSI/dMMR gene and to help us select drug, pridict prognosis and screen for Lynch syndrome.

In our department, targeted agents (Sunitinib, Everolimus, Axitinib,Cabozantinib) and the immune system (e.g.anti-PD-1 ) are selected to treat of renal cell carcinoma, in order to improve the efficacy and reduce adverse reactions.

Both neoadjuvant and adjuvant chemotherapy after surgery are used to treat ovarian cancer. Palliative chemotherapy for treatment of advanced ovarian cancer has achieved good curative effect. In order to further improve the curative effect, the new targeted anti angiogenic drugs, such as bevacizumab, apatinib, imatinib and olaparib, and other small molecule drugs are used in clinic. This project was funded by the CSCO (Research Name: efficacy of apatinib in ovarian cancer treatment, ongoing).

(2) Multidisciplinary collaboration (MDT):

We, together with Department of surgery, radiotherapy, imaging and pathology and other departments, form a strong MDT team to work together routinely on treatment of colorectal cancer, urinary system tumors, gynecological tumors, head and neck cancer. We are also in collaboration with the 6th affiliated hospital of Sun Yat sen University, Cancer Hospital of Fudan University, and West China Hospital of Sichuan University, in treatment and scientific research in colorectal cancer, urinary tumor and soft tissue tumor.

3. Teaching and training

As a Clinical Oncology Institute of Chengdu Medical College and Chengdu University of Electronic Science and technology of Medical College Affiliated Hospital, the hospital is responsible for teaching tasks. For the training of medical students, we undertake teaching task, including part of theory courses for Chengdu Medical College Students, standardization and clinical training for apprenticeships, resident, specialists in physicians who need continue education and training, and nurses. Department has a teaching secretary, who is cooperating with the center of the Ministry of education and training to do the work of teaching.

4. Department culture

We are working in atmosphere of diligent, rigorous and pragmatic style, full of scientism and humanism, open and inclusive attitude, and harmonious doctor-patient relationship. In spirit of close cooperation and optimism, we would walk forward firmly, and provide better services for patients.

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