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Introduction of the Department of Pathology

March 17, 2020  []

The Department of Pathology, one of the most important departments in the Sichuan Cancer Hospital, is undertaking the pathological diagnosis in the process of medical treatment, including the pathologic diagnosis based on biopsy, detachment and cytology of fine needle aspiration (FNA), to provide specific diagnosis of disease features or death causes. As the pathologic report is an explicit diagnosis, it serves for clinical doctors to adopt therapeutic schedule, and interpret clinical prognosis, symptoms or death reasons. The authority of pathological diagnosis makes it a key role among all diagnostic methods. Therefore, the quality of pathological diagnosis has a significant influence on the medical quality of the whole hospital and relevant clinical departments.

The department of pathology has been developing for almost 30 years while our hospital was established in 1987. The highly experienced team of the department is composed of 1 renowned academic leader of Sichuan and nationwide, 4 chief physician, 3 associate chief physician, 6 attending doctors, and 3 middle level technicians, and three of them have Ph.D. degrees. Some of our experts are serving for the academic and non-profit society, including committee members of Chinese Anti-cancer Association and Chinese Pathologist Association, vice chairman committee member and secretary of Sichuan Pathologist Association and Sichuan Anti-cancer Association, committee member of Quality Control Center in Sichuan Province.

Our department provides all pathological services, including the diagnosis of biopsy, intraoperative frozen section consultation, cytology, immunohistochemistry, molecular pathology and organs autopsies. Over 20,000 cases of surgical pathology, 3600 cases of frozen section, 10,000 cases of cytology and 30 cases of autopsy are completed in our department every year. Our department also has very competent subgroups on gynecological oncology, breast tumor and lymphoma. The cytology group plays a significant role in minimally invasive diagnosis, and participated several medical inspection project such as “early cancer screening”.

Our technical group is equipped with international advanced medical facility, including Germany Leica appliances: ASP300S automatic dewatering machine, CM1950 freezing microtome, EG1150 tissue embedding machine, 2245 rotary microtome, Germany gene hybridization machine, immunohistochemical auto-stainer, etc. Our molecular lab was established in 2012, which can support tumor related gene testing, including EFGR, ALK-EML4, ROS1, KRAS, NRAS, BRAF by the real time PCR and HER2 by FISH. More than 2500 cases were performed, which provide precision targeted therapy suggestion for adenocarcinomas of lung, colon-rectum, stomach and breast.

The department performs a series of outstanding achievements in both scientific research and academic exchange, including 3 municipal Academic Progress Award, more than 10 scientific research papers in Chinese core journals (CSSCI), 4 academic monographs. Faculties are encouraged to engage in academic research opportunities such as national and regional pathology conferences and workshops, and renowned pathologists are regularly invited to deliver academic lectures.

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