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Introduction of the Department of Blood transfusion branch

March 17, 2020  []

The department of blood transfusion of Sichuan Tumor Hospital was founded in 1991, located in the second floor of the first inpatient department, and it officially was moved into the first floor of the new surgical building on August 12th, 2016. Covering an area of 227 m2 and being away from pollution sources, the environment of the department of blood transfusion is clean, bright and air-fresh. Furthermore, its equipping with good telecommunication facilities, the water and electricity supplies are adequate. The department of blood transfusion is divided into cleaning zone, semi-cleaning zone and contaminated zone. The cleaning zone includes the blood out of storage disposal area, blood storage room and blood distribution room. The semi-cleaning zone includes learning room and data retention room. The blood transfusion compatibility testing lab, blood specimen receiving and processing area, washing and disinfection room are separately set up in the contaminated zone .The structure and layout of the house can meet the requirements of technical operation and hygiene, and the blood storage room also accords with class Ⅱ of environment requirements of regulation of hospital infection management.

The department is organized with a seven-professional-technical panel, including a deputy chief physician, a physician in charge and five physicians. All of them have the Certificate of professional training about the Clinical blood transfusion and transfusion technology of Health Development Planning Commission of Sichuan Province, including a part-time deputy director of clinical physicians and a member of Sichuan clinical blood transfusion management committee.

The main tasks of the department are typing blood, testing corss-match, screening irregular antibody, doing experiments on direct anti-globulin and indirect anti-globulin. And we also attend clinical blood transfusion cases’ consultation in order to provide consultations with proposals about scientific rational blood transfusion. In recent years, blood component transfusion rate of our hospital is close to 100%, reaching the domestic advanced level. In the quality evaluation activities between the province and the ministry of health of clinic inspection center, we get a full mark in every aspect. Meanwhile we undertake the works of teaching trainees who major in medical technology and blood transfusion from Southwest University of Medical Sciences and Chengdu Medical College, including training for advanced students. The department attaches importance to service constructions with some potential research capabilities, presiding two issues health department, participating in and composing an original article, and publishing tens of papers in professional journals.

The department owns five fridges for blood storage, two systems for cassette’s equipping blood, one professional hydro-extractor device for blood group serology, two hydro-extractors for sample disposal, one professional microscope, one high frequency hot-sealing machine, two circulating water bath incubators, one electric thermostatic water bath box and one platelet constant temperature oscillation preservation box. Management of the department has been informationized, meeting the requirements of normalization, systematization and accuralized for management of clinical blood transfusion, including the controlling of the key link of quality of management of clinical blood transfusion and improving the safety of management of clinical blood transfusion.

It is an eternal theme for us to transfuse blood safely, and The Department of Blood Transfusion of the hospital firmly establishes a sense of ‘Quality Is Life’, and provides inpatients with safe and effective service timely, including consulting services in blood transfusion for patients and their family members all year round.

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