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The first case of CT guided celiac plexus lesion in the treatment of abdominal pain Cancerous was successfully completed at the anesthesia center in our hospital

July 6, 2018 Lan Mei []


Recently, the Anesthesia Center Pain Team of Sichuan Provincial Cancer Hospital has successfully performed "CT guided celiac plexus lesion" in patients with severe pancreatic cancer. Postoperative pain was significantly improved. The development of this technology marked a new stage in the treatment of pain in our hospital. It provided a precise and effective auxiliary treatment for patients with refractory cancer pain who treated in our hospital and brought a gospel to patients with cancer pain. This technique is to safely place a very thin puncture needle around the celiac plexus under CT guidance and relieve pain by injecting a certain amount of drugs. Compared with simple nerve block, the pain relief effect lasts for a longer time, and it has a definite curative effect on refractory cancer pain, especially the multiple causes of upper abdominal pain caused by internal organs.

The “CT guided celiac plexus lesion” performed by the Anesthesia Center of our hospital for patients with refractory pain has the advantages of precise positioning, exact pain relief, safety, and economy. It embodies the concept of precise medical treatment and comfortable medical treatment, and provides cancer pain patients with new pain relief option!

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