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European Radiation Oncology Association expert team visited our hospital

July 6, 2018 Lan Mei []


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On June 14, 2018, the second day of 2018 ESTRO advanced radiotherapy training, a group of special guests came to the Cancer Hospital Affiliate to School of Medicine,UESTC -- Sichuan Cancer Hospital. They are experts of the European Radiation Oncology Association and members of the instructor group of this training course, including Professor Jesper Grau Erikesn, Director of the ESTRO Course Training Department, fom Radiotherapy center in Odense University Hospital , Denmark; Professor Mark Harrison, a Senior Clinical Cancer Specialist from Mount Vernon Cancer Center, UK; Professor Martin N. Pruschy, the Director of Molecular Bioradiology Laboratory, Affiliated Hospital of University of Zurich; Professor C.Hennequin, Director of Radiation Oncology Treatment Center, St. Louis Hospital, Paris, France; Professor Mario Levis, Director of Oncology, University of Tolorano, Italy. Deputy Director of the Radiotherapy Center of Sichuan Cancer Hospital, Prof. Li Tao and Prof. Zhang Shichuan, Director of Radiotherapy Center Education and Training ,Dr. Lushun, and members of the ESTRO training workshop team accompanied the expert group to conduct this visit. On behalf of Dean Lang Jinyi, Prof. Li Tao introduced to the experts the development of radiotherapy center in our hospital which is the largest radiation tumor center in the west in terms of discipline construction, talent team, and equipment strength. In recent years, our radiotherapy center has continuously strengthened exchanges and cooperation with colleagues of Radiation Oncology Center in Europe and the United States, and continuously expanded the cooperation between our hospital and the Advanced International Radiation Oncology Center through various forms such as academic conferences and exchanges with other countries. The international influence of our hospital has been continuously improved. The radiation oncology treatment has developed as a brand for foreign exchange and cooperation. The visit of the expert group of the European Radiation Oncology Treatment Association will play a positive role in Consolidating our foreign exchange and improving our international influence.

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