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Highlights of 2017

January 23, 2018 Mi Gan []

New campus of the hospital began construction

The Tianfu campus of the hospital, also being the Sichuan Cancer Center, began construction in Tianfu District of Chengdu, which is the new district with high potential of developing. It will become a hospital integrated with cancer prevention, health management, precise treatment, clinic trails, technical transformation and education & training, specialized in oncology, which could promote health service of the province and Southwest China.

On-site review

The hospital accepted an on-site review of the service, included assessment of clean government, daily administration and financial management. The review enhanced the efficient management of the hospital.

The first intraoperative radiotherapy(IORT) in West China


On April, we successfully made an intraoperative radiotherapy for a patient with advanced pancreatic cancer, which was the first time using MOBETRON intraoperative radiotherapy in West China.

Continuing making service improvement

Extensively promote 3D brachytherapy with analgesia; minimally invasive surgery became the most popular operation mode; precise treatment for various cancers; Execute pain assessment in real time to enhance patient experience; rebuilt the physical examination center; enhanced the nutrition management.

New education & training system


Deep cooperation with UESTC, began undergraduate admissions; increasing supervisors of Master's & doctor's degree programs; standardized training bases of resident doctor, nurse and pharmacist; Set up a training center of clinic skills.

Obtain funding of national science & technology program

This year, there are 54 programs obtained including 1 key program of national science & technology, 3 by NSFC, 17 by provincial science & technology ministry, 20 by the health and family planning commission, which funded more than 10 million (RMB) for research.

Innovation practice base of post doctoral study & Clinic research center of oncology of Sichuan

There is innovation practice base of post doctoral study of oncology set up; Also, the hospital became the study & Clinic research center of oncology of Sichuan.

Cancer prevention network in the province

Promote the construction of cancer prevention network. There are 18 cancer prevention centers set up in counties and 15 locations for cancer screening program.

Hosted the first Tianfu International Oncology Forum


More than 1000 oncology experts all over the country and experts from MD Anderson, Rush University, and Medical center of Monmouth county, New Jersey took part in this academic event.

Medical alliance program

Developed 38 hospitals in counties over west China, making cross-regional alliance with Tianjin oncology hospital, gathering experts from hospitals; having 70 remote medical consultation all over the region.

Academic Awards

First and Second prize of medical award in Sichuan; First prize of science & technology prize of Chengdu; science & technology prize of Youth;

The hospital ranked 10thof oncology hospitals of the country and 2ndin Sichuan.

Enhance the management

Put on quality management system of ISO9001:2016; integrated human resource, standard procedures, quality control and performance evaluation.

Awards of service

National Model hospital of good service,Hospital of good management in province andhospital of good quality

International communication


Develop strategic cooperative partnership with Institute University Hospital Maggiore della Carita of Italy;

Signed Cooperation Agreement with Saint Petersburg Cancer Center;

Physicist Lucia was issued the Tianfu Friendship Award by Sichuan Government

Poverty relief


Poverty relief in region of Liangshan

Earthquack relief of JiuZhai Gou Valley


key discipline construction

ultrasound medicine became the key discipline of the province, which is the 11thof Key disciplines of the hospital.

Public image improvement

Award ofExcellent internet communicationnationwide given by national media of medicine

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