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Prof. Alexander Teichmann from Germany visited SCH

October 31, 2017 Mi Gan []


Last weekend, Prof. Alexander Teichmann from Aschaffenburg hospital of Germany who is one of the top gynecology experts of Europe visited SCH with the company of Mr.Ji Shen, Chief director of Sichuan Health and Family Planning Commission. Mr. Xiaolin Huang, vice-president of SCH led the reception.


Mr. Shen said that the SCH is a 30 years hospital with many achievements, hoped Prof. Teichmann would bring us the advanced technology and share experience on treatment.

Prof. Tecichmann visited the gynecological oncology department and communicated with Mr. Guonan Zhang, director of the department, who is one of the top experts on gynecological oncology in Sichuan. Also, they visited the radiation center. There is a Tomo Therapy system in SCH, which is the first one introduced in West China and benefit patients since then.



Mr. Huang expressed appreciation to Mr. Shen for bringing us such top expert, which will enhance the communication between west China and Europe and promote the development of gynecology in Sichuan.

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