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“Tianfu Friendship Award” given to Lucia of SCH

August 17, 2017 Mi Gan []


Lucia Clara Orlandini, Italian physicist of Radiation Center in SCH, is given the “Tianfu Friendship Award” by Sichuan Government, which is the highest award for foreign experts by official recognition. There are 5 foreign experts from different countries won the award, besides Lucia, they are Veit Kohnhauser from Austria, Shen HengTao from Australia, Mu QiWen from America and Chaphipom Kiatkachatham from Thailand.

The “Tianfu Friendship Award” is set by the provincial Government for outstanding foreign experts who gives great contribution to the development of Sichuan in economy, science, technology, culture and education.



Lucia Clara Orlandini:

Radiation physicist of the hospital since November, 2015. She did great help to develop radiophysics of the province. Also, she pushed the communication and collaboration between SCH and Italian academic insititutes.


1. Lucia first marked the absolute dose of electron linear accelerators in SCH with verification of IAEA, which makes SCH reach the advanced level of the world.

2. She makes a standard radiotherapy procedure with body surface marker on patients, which increase the accuracy of treatment.

3. She use Stealth Chamber in stereotactic radiotherapy, which broke the technical limitation of traditional dose measurement in small radiation field.

4. She use the new breast carrier and the new fixed device for knee in radiotherapy, which make no fixed mantle on patients.

5. She developed cross accelerator system, which based on digitally portal imaging In Vivo dose. The system could provide radiation dose lively and self-adaption radiotherapy.

International communication

1. Though Lucia, SCH set up a relationship with EASTERN PIEMONTE university hospital. And on January 2017, 4 youth doctors of SCH went to NOVARA of Italy as visiting scholars, who got warmly welcome there. The communication activity promoted the relationship between Sichuan and Novara.

2. Though Lucia, SCH has already signed a collaboration agreement with Florence University Hospital. The cooperation is on research, clinic, training and education.

3. Though Lucia, theJournal of Cancer Control and Treatmenthas the first foreign editor, Professor Valentini, ex-chairman of ESTRO.

4. She pushed the collaboration between CSTRO and ESTRO.

5. She gave presentations on several national academic conference and regional meeting.

6. In SCH, she has 2 posters accepted by ESTRO 2016 annual conference, 2 accepted by ASTRO 2016, 1 accepted by AAPM 2016.


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