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Daytime Chemotherapy in SCH

May 5, 2017 Mi Gan []

SCH had rebuilt the daytime Chemotherapy department for patient convenience since August last year.

Daytime Chemotherapy is a treatment between emergency and inpatient treatment. Patients received chemotherapy in the daytime and stay at home in the night, which pay a lower price than inpatient and get same treatment.

There are about 1500 patients per month who get daytime chemotherapy. Most of them have early stage of cancer or rarely syndrome, which needs chemotherapy, target treatment or adjuvant therapy after radiotherapy, etc.


Make an appointment conveniently

There is no need to wait for a bed but make an appointment at home, and the patient could receive chemotherapy in the daytime and stay with family at night.


Good environment and service


interdisciplinary cooperation

The daytime chemotherapy department has cooperated with radiotherapy center, surgery department, psychotherapy, nutrition support and pain management team to give patient comprehensive treatment.

Address: 3rdfloor of radiation center


Time of service: 8:00am-17:30pm (workday)

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+86-028-85420243    +86-028-85420305


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