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SCH: The First intraoperative radiation therapy in West China

April 14, 2017 Mi Gan []

Yesterday, a patient with pancreatic cancer had the First intraoperative radiation therapy in West China, which is operated by doctors in SCH with the advanced MOBETRON Intraoperative electron accelerator.


The patient, 50 years old, was made a definite diagnosis as pancreatic cancer in III stage, which cannot be exairesis by operation. The comprehensive treatment plan was made by group consultation of doctors in SCH, which is intraoperative radiation therapy and radio chemotherapy after operation.


Dr. Xielin Feng, director of department of hepatopancreatobiliary surgery, mentioned that, CT shows there is a mass shadow in patient’s pancreas, metastasize to spleen artery, common hepatic artery, tumor marker CA199>400U/ml, which is definite diagnosis as pancreatic cancer in III stage. The treatment plan was decided by MDT group with surgery department, radiotherapy department, anesthesia department and nursing team, and intraoperative radiation therapy was the key to the plan.



Dr. Jinyi Lang, president of the hospital, mentioned that, compare with traditional treatment, intraoperative radiation therapy could target cancer cells with single irradiation of large dose, which makes significantly effective while protecting the nearby organs. The therapy is a new way for cancer treatment, which can significantly reduce the risk of relapse of region tumor and give life chance to patients who don’t reach the range of operation. Also, it costs low by shorten the length of stay.

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