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Research published on Seminars in radiation oncology

April 7, 2017 Mi Gan []


Dr. Lang Jinyi led the research on the situation of Radiation Oncology Facilities and Services in Mainland China by the end of 2015. Nowadays, the result was published on the journal of Elsevier,Seminars in radiation oncology, title ofPerspectives on Patient Access to Radiation Oncology Facilities and Services in Mainland China,which has got much attention.

The research shows data of radiation oncology of China mainland. By the early 2016, there were 1413 units of radiotherapy with 52496 staffs. There were 1931 linear accelerators, 96 60CO systems, 171 X-RAY, 210γ-ray, 439 Breach-loading brachytherapy, 1051 X-RAY simulated locators, 1353 CT, 642 MRI, 978 MLC, 1922 TPS and 974 radiotherapy networks. Also, there were 202171 beds for oncology with 76612 daily patients on average and 919339 per year. The result also has been published onChinese Journal of Radiation Oncology|Chin J Radiat Oncol.


This research was under support of Radiation committee, CMA and members of the committee. It’s a comprehensive review of radiation oncology of China.

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