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The 8th National Conference of Nasopharyngeal Cancer

March 24, 2017 Mi Gan []


Dr. Jinyi Lang (president of SCH) led the team of Head & Neck radiotherapy to attend the 8thNational Conference of Nasopharyngeal Cancer in Shanghai on March 17-19. Dr. Lang, Dr. Xiaomao Ge and Dr. Caosu Hu from Fudan University were chairmen of the conference.


There were two parts of the conference, lectures and communication. 6 experts including Dr.Lang, Dr.Hu and Dr. Jianji Pan gave academic presentations in the session.

In the communication part, experts from Cancer hospital of CAMS, Jiangsu Cancer Hospital, Cancer center of Zhongshan University and Cancer hospital of Fudan University shared their experiences on treatment of Nasopharyngeal Cancer. Dr.Shichuan Zhang, director of Head & Neck radiotherapy department in SCH, Ms. Hongfang Bai, Dr. Yecai Huang and Dr. Peng Xu have shared their research in the communication session.





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