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“Best of ASTRO 2017 ” tour in China

March 6, 2017 Mi Gan []


Best of ASTRO tour is an review of the highlights of ASTRO in last year. The Best of ASTRO 2017 tour was started in the International Conference Center in Chengdu on March 4th. It’s hosted by CMA, CSTRO, West China Society of therapeutic and radiation oncology and SCH.

The conference was hosted by Dr. Tao Li, director of the radiotherapy center of SCH. Dr. Jinyi Lang, president of the hospital, made an opening presentation. The conference aimed to share the advanced technology and latest research of ASTRO with clinic practice, and to communication with top experts on oncology and radio physics. The Best of ASTRO tour is an successful activity to improve the development of radiation oncology in China.

More than 400 doctors and scholars attended the conference, which was curtained-up by Dr. Lang, Dr. Bing Lu, secretary of CSTRO and vice president of Guizhou Cancer Hospital, Dr. Taixiang Lu and Dr. Xiaowu Deng from the cancer center of Zhongshan University.





The academic discussion has been divided into 8 seminars including lung cancer, head & neck cancer, gastrointestinal cancer, central nervous cancer, lymphoma, radio physics, quality control and palliative treatment.

Lung Cancer

The advanced results of ASTRO annual meeting in 2016 including SBRT, Radiation toxicity, postoperative radiotherapy, radiation dose and follow-up treatment after radiotherapy were reviewed in this session by Dr. Qifeng Wang from SCH, Dr. Shengfa Su from Guizhou Cancer hospital, Dr. Feng Wang and Dr. Qiang Qi from Shanghai Chest hospital, and Dr. Yin Wang from Chongqing Cancer hospital.

Head & Neck Cancer

The advanced results of radiochemotherapy of Oropharyngeal cancer, re-irradiation, intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) and clinic trails have been reviewed by Dr. Shichuan Zhang, Dr. Yu Fan, Dr. Pengxu from SCH, and Dr. Wei Zhao from Cancer hospital affiliated to Guangxi Medical University.

Gastrointestinal Cancer

Discussion focused on SBRT, adjuvant therapy for gastric cancer, radiotherapy before surgery of rectal cancer, radiochemotherapy of IV stage of esophagus cancer, dose, toxic reaction of comprehensive treatment for esophagus cancer.

Central nervous cancer

Discussion focused on the latest achievements of central nervous cancer. Experts from SCH, West China Hospital, Daping hospital affiliated to the Third Military Medical University and hospital affiliated to Kunming Medical University took part in this session.


The session focused on radiotherapy technology, range of radiation, comprehensive treatment, using of PET-CT.

Radio physics & quality control

Multimodal images, Radiomics, Machine Learning has been discussed in this session. Also, the improvement of working flow of radiotherapy and new methods of management was shared by top experts in radiation physics of China.

Palliative treatment

In this session, education of palliative treatment, clinic decision making was discussed by the attendance.

Urogenital neoplasms

Discussion focused on prostatic cancer and gynecological cancer in clinic practice. Experts from hospitals in West China shared experiences in this field.

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