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Promoting quality management---new model of MDT

February 17, 2017 Mi Gan []

MDT (Multiple Disciplinary Team) has been set up in SCH 3 years ago. From 3 steps of starting, secretary management and assessment supporting, MDT in SCH runs well now including 11 teams on outpatient service for different disease.

For further development, Groups from Deyang people’s hospital paid a visit to SCH to communicate with MDT groups on management experience on Feb.14.


Yangyun Han, director of medical affairs of Deyang hospital, and Miao He, vice director took part in the case discussion with Zhaohui Zhang, vice director of medical affairs SCH, attending. Mr. Han agreed the policy of SCH on MDT. MDT is a gathering of talents of hospital, which will be efficiency under the appropriate management.


After discussion, both side shared experience to solve new problems on medical management under the national policy set up by 2016.

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