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2 Groups got awards from the province

February 17, 2017 Mi Gan []

Sichuan Medical Technology Award, hosted by Sichuan Medical Assossiation, is the top prize of health in Sichuan Province. It’s elected every year.


For 2016, 2 programs in hospital gained the award: basic and clinical research for the solution of precision radiation therapy for head and neck cancer from Jinyi Lang, Mei Feng, Yangkun Luo, Peng Xu, Jie Li, Peng Zhang, Qinghua Jiang, Weidong Wang and Lu Li in radiotherapy center won the first prize, and basic and clinical research for key technology of anesthesia in tumor surgery from Kexian Zhang, Yumin Tang, Shuyin Zhu, Qin Yang, Hongwei Zhang, Chaoji Wang and Jinjun Shu in anesthesia Center won the Second Prize.


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