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The 6th Chengdu International Thoracic Cancer Everest Forum successfully finished

December 15, 2016 Translation by Ming Fan []

Held by professional committee of Lung Cancer, and professional Committee of esophageal, Sichuan Province Anti-Cancer Association , the 6th Chengdu International Thoracic Cancer Everest Forum was successfully organized by the department of Thoracic Surgery Center, Sichuan cancer Hospital from 11st to 13rd Nov, 2016.


Photo of all the participants

This forum has aroused wide concern in the country, and attracted professor Jie He, also the academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, presidents of 7 renowned hospitals, 50 top domestic experts of lung cancer and esophagus cancer, top experts from the States, Europe, and Japan, as well as 250 doctors from all over the county to join this event.

During the meeting, experts from all over the world had comprehensive communication about the latest and most advanced scientific issues about thoracic surgery through surgical demonstration, academic salon, and special seminars. Chinese and foreign experts had reached a consensus to build academic platform to strengthen cooperation and promote the development of thoracic tumors in China.

Top experts from East and West conducted surgery in the same time and attracted peer observation.

On the morning of 12nd Nov, professor Qiang Li, and professor Yongtao Han, also the Chiefs of department of thoracic surgery and in our hospital, has conducted 5 Minimally invasive surgery of esophageal cancer and lung cancer together with professors form the States, Germany, and Japan in our digital integrated operation rooms.


Professor Qiang Li is conducting a minimally invasive thoracic surgery


Professor Yongtao Han is conducting a video-assisted surgery


American expert is conducting a video-assisted surgery

The surgeries had been live broadcast to the meeting site and on network, explained by experts there, and aroused widely discussion between the audiences.


Live broadcast to the meeting site

According to statistics, there are more than two hundred units, nearly a thousand doctors watched the live broadcast. Thanks to the network broadcast, more peers were able to join the event and had a comprehensive understanding of the consistency and variety in the management of thoracic tumor between different countries.

Experts spoke highly of our newly equipped digital integrated operation rooms, and was deeply impressed by the excellent performance of our colleagues in the operation room and anesthetists.

Experts spoke highly of our thoracic surgery center


President Lang gave a speech on the meeting

At the opening ceremony on Nov. 12, the president of the hospital, Dr. Jin Yi Lang, delivered a warm speech on behalf of the hospital.

Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, vice president of the National Cancer Center, President of Cancer Hospital Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, Professor He Jie, director of the Professional Committee of esophageal cancer,Professor Rong Tiehua highly praised our hospital’s leading place in the west, fully affirmed our thoracic surgery center team in the promotion of “medical, teaching, research, prevention"in thoracic surgery in West China, and spoke highly of Professor Qiang Li and Professor Yongtao Han’s personality charm and outstanding achievements as academic leaders.


Academician Jie He gave a lecture


Professor Qiang Li was giving a lecture

Cross talk between the West and East, which leads to better development

Experts from the United States, Germany, Japan and Italy and experts from China introduced the latest progress in the treatment of esophageal surgery, key technology and clinical research in the respective countries in the academic salonon Nov 12. Huge difference was found between China, Japan, Europe and the United States in the field of esophageal cancer surgery and lively discussion was made around these differences. Consensus of a long-term development and cooperation had been reached.


Foreign expert was stating his view in the discussion section


Chinese expert was stating his view in the discussion section

The intense collision of different viewpoints between the East and the West led to a "brainstorming" of all the participants. the experts’ rigorous academic attitude, logical and data-based view had made impressed all the audience. By the way, the vast communication had pointed out a clear direction and task of the development of esophageal surgery.

From the national strategic perspective to predict the future development of thoracic tumors

In this meeting, 16 experts from all over the world had made explicit explanation on chest cancer prevention, screening, diagnosis, multi-modality treatment, perioperative management, novo surgical technology. Academicianc Jie He stressed that "precision medicine" research has become a national strategy, the current state has invested 10 billion, and he hopes everyone is actively involved. Chinese Society of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery, Standing Committee and Deputy Secretary-General of the Chinese Preventive Medicine Association Public Health and Clinical Control Expert Committee Vice Chairman Professor Xie Xianyi had stated his view from the national policy level of lung cancer prevention, tobacco control and screening. Professor Mao Yousheng from Chinese Academy of Sciences Cancer Hospital also pointed out that multi-center clinical trials need more investigation. All the fellow colleagues attending this meeting had a profound understanding of the future directions of thoracic cancer management.


Foreign professor was giving a lecture


Professor Yongtao Han was giving a lecture

Chinese voice was heard on the world stage

In this meeting, Professor Jianhuac Fu introduced the "phase III trial of preoperative chemoradiotherapy followed by surgery versus surgery alone in the management of locally advanced esophageal cancer"; Professor Mao introduced the "Eleventh Five-Year" multi-center esophageal cancer database results " , Our hospital thoracic surgery center under the leadership of Professor Yongtao Han participated in the two world-acclaimed clinical research. The experts spoke highly of these studies on China's esophageal cancer research to the world's great contribution, and explore further research measures, so that more "good voice" can be heard in the world.


Professor Jianhua Fu was giving a lecture

Passing the torch, unity and progress, continuous improvement and innovation

At the opening ceremony of the conference, Prof. Qiang Li, Director of thoracic surgerycenter, proposed to pay tribute to Professor Lihua Chen, who has made great contributions to the chest tumor prevention and treatment in west China for over 55 years, and the meeting site burst into endless applause . Since established in 1988, after years of unremitting efforts, our thoracic surgery center has become the most influential chest center in Sichuan Province, the western region and even the whole country.


Professor Lihua Chen

Thanks to this meeting, our thoracic surgery center has developed a higher, further, better goal, and all the colleagues will dedicate to realize this goal.

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